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eAPIS and 406 ELT - what does it mean to you?    

The latest issue for crossing the border into Canada, is the introduction of eAPIS. Folks coming from the US must be made aware that they cannot simply call Customs as they did in the past. They must apply to use the system, wait for a reply, set up an account and then learn how to submit reports for both the trip to Canada and return to the US. It's wise to be aware of all requirements, since fines start at $5000 for any mistakes.   eAPIS does not replace contacting Canadian customs as you normally would.

Here's a link to the US customs and border protection site for more information.

406 ELTs

For the latest information on 406 ELT's, here are a couple of links:

COPA (Canadian Owners and Pilots Association):

and Transport Canada:


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