Northern Lake Amphibian Pilots'
Fly-In & Safety Seminar

Getting There
Channel landing suggestions


Directions to Killarney Mountain Lodge .  This link provides directions by car, bus, commercial air, taxi and private aircraft.   

Lake pilots who arrive by plane have a choice, you can either land at the local airport or put down in the channel, drive up the ramp, and park on the front lawn of the lodge.

If you are planning to land in the channel, please read these channel landing suggestions from Maury East of Killarney Mountain Lodge.

Coming from the USA?

Never flown into Canada before?
AOPA and COPA authored a great guide:

       AOPA/COPA Guide to Cross Border Operations

It is available in the member's only section of the AOPA or COPA websites:

Links are provided to download the necessary customs forms, flight-plan forms etc.

Other considerations before flying to Canada:

Important information for anyone coming from the USA

eAPIS and 406 ELT

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