Northern Lake Amphibian Pilots'
Fly-In & Safety Seminar

2005 Program

Friday - Sunday:   Pilots’ Sessions  9:30 to 12:00


Elton, Jim and Harry will walk you through several topics of interest and answer your questions.  These include flying tips and pilot techniques as well as maintenance tips and general mechanical  airworthiness discussions

Jay Beard will do a presentation on the art of cockpit  and radio communication.
  • Jay (a professional pilot and instructor) will make understandable a topic on which entire books have been written!
  • Learn about one pilot vs. two pilot thinking and communicating
  • For the pilot and co-pilot - get some tips on what to do before and after hitting that mic button!

Nick Ryder will talk to us about “Understanding the Aircraft Appraisal Process and Lake Amphibians”.
  • How aircraft are appraised
  • What you can do to increase the valuation of your aircraft
  • What moneys spent will show little return at resale time

Proper valuation of your aircraft can have a big impact on insurance coverage and estate planning. Accurate valuation impacts how quickly a plane will sell.

Friday to Saturday afternoons

New this year. All are welcome to informal afternoon sessions including plane walk-arounds and an open discussion forum hosted by Elton.

Looking for somewhere interesting to fly? Want to learn about great destinations & share some flying stories? Low-key afternoon sessions will include chats on where to take your lake. Bring charts/maps to share with other pilots.

Companion Sessions:  9:30 to 12:00

There will be something for everyone!

  • Book exchange: This year, along with our usual discussion of our favorite books, we’ll be doing a book  exchange so bring along any books that you’d like to pass on to others.
  • Crafts: Bring along your craft ideas.
  • Betsy Maine will show us how to make hand bags out of placemats. Bring along a fabric placemat with squared corners; a coordinating cord or ribbon for a strap (double the length for 2 handles); and, decorative trim, braiding or beading (optional).
  • Crys Crocker will be showing us how to make cards (birthday, anniversary..). She’ll demonstrate a basic card and then ways to make the same card more elaborate. Materials will be provided.
  •  As in the past, manicures and pedicures will be available.
Evening presentations:
  • Flying ‘Down Under’. Join Rob and Sky Bicevskis on their 16 day flying tour of the Australian outback. A tasting of some Australian wines and a sampling of the uniquely Aussie favorite, Vegemite, will complement their presentation.
  • Caribbean flying trip. Michel and Lorraine will share their experiences flying the Caribbean.
  • Auction: Our ever-popular auction sale will take place Saturday evening. Bring along a new item or a used item in good repair. Remember, proceeds go to the Canadian and American Seaplane Associations and AOPA Safety Programs.

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