Northern Lake Amphibian Pilots'
Fly-In & Safety Seminar

Program 2012      

September 6 to 9, 2012

At last year's Fly-In we decided, as a group, to change the format of our program to reflect a more flexible approach. We have a number of activities planned, but instead of a firm schedule decided upon beforehand, the exact day of each activity will be finalised at the time of the fly-in.  The Fly-Out will have a priority with the weather being the indicator for the day on which it will be held.

We will not have outside speakers this year but rather will draw from the expertise and the adventures of those within the group.   We are looking for evening presentations.  Have you had a great flying adventure?  It doesn't matter if it was last year or 10 years ago.  Put together some photos and share it with us.  Contact us if you'd like to make a presentation. 

In recent years there have been complaints from a few Killarney residents regarding landings and take offs - particularly in the west end of the Killarney channel.  Due to the efforts of Maury East of Killarney Mountain Lodge, Killarney Mountain Lodge is now a registered aerodrome and is listed in the Nav Canada Water Aerodrome supplement.  For more on the history of Killarney and how this came to pass, here's an article by Maury East of Killarney Mountain Lodge.  Please respect the regulations for this aerodrome ( PDF) .  Here are some channel landing hints.

Here's what we have planned so far:

  • Fly out to Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre We will land on the river, drive up the ramp and park right at the museum.  Remember to request a box lunch if you are joining the fly-out.

  • Pilot sessions - Pilot sessions are interactive and are held in the Long House beginning at 9:30 A.M

    The pilots program will continue with a focus on "Repairs on the Run" .   Bring along and share your experiences with repairs on the run and in the bush.

    Shop Talk and Flying Forum.  As usual, our Lake experts will take you through several topics of interest and answer your questions.  These include flying tips and pilot techniques as well as maintenance tips and general mechanical airworthiness discussions.

  • Companion sessions will feature a number of crafts.

  • Carousel Lounge punch party.  Compliments of Killarney Mountain Lodge.

  • Channel Party.  This year it's pot luck.  Being along a snack or treat to share.

  • Fish fry lunch by the channel.

  • Michel LaPointe will entertain us one evening with a presentation on a flying trip to Guadeloupe.

  • Blooper pictures. Do you have any photos related to Lake airplanes and/or their pilots that might be considered "bloopers"?   The photo of this mystery man is an example of what we are looking for - pilots caught off guard.  Please email us your photos by August 1st, or bring them along to the fly-in.


A few details:

Name tags are required for all meals and sessions.


  7:30 9:30 A.M.

Breakfast main dining room

12:30 1:30 P.M.



Lunch - main dining room

On either Friday or Saturday we'll be having an outdoor fish fryThe fish fry will be held on the non fly-out day.

  6:00 8:00 P.M.

Dinner main dining room

  Box lunches

Available for early Sunday departures,  for those participating in the fly-out to Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre,  or anyone not planning to be at the lodge for lunch.   Order the day before.  

Other little bits of NEWS and things to think about:

  • 2012  marks the 50th year of Killarney Mountain Lodge - come help us celebrate.

  • Sometimes our days are quite full of planned activities  All are welcome to participate in as many or as few of them as you please.  For those of you who prefer, just relax, recharge, and enjoy the beauty of Canada's near north.