Northern Lake Amphibian Pilots'
Fly-In & Safety Seminar

September 8 to 11, 2022  
  Killarney Mountain Lodge    
Killarney, Ontario




Report Killarney 2022

A very successful and enjoyable event ‘post’ covid.

This year at Killarney we had 28 people attending. There were 10 Lakes and one Kodiak amphib that all flew in, water landed, and ramped to the area in front of the lodge.

Stunning scenery and the weather was postcard perfect all 4 days with excellent water conditions for operations. On Friday morning, out by the aircraft Phillip from Lake Central provided insight into the fuel filter systems and STC oil filter options (oil filter shortage in Canada). There was also discussion of many other LA4 tech topics. The Friday happy hour was well attended and everybody enjoyed catching up with old friends and acquaintances.

Saturday morning by the aircraft we spoke ‘LA4’ and Paul Briggs briefed for a Lake 4 ship missing man flypast to honour the late Elton Townsend. At 14:00 the ducks lined up on the apron, splashed into the water, departed and formed up for the successful flypast. The flypast was a memorable moment for those in attendance. The flypast pilots were: Leader Elton1 Chuck Riley, Elton2 Dave Fisher, Elton3 David Walter, Elton4 Michael Ball.

The Lodge has been beautifully upgraded over the last few years and the upgrades will be continuing. The Lodge meals were the usual good food and social. Lots of hiking, kayaking and yoga. Sunday morning departures and goodbyes went well. Overall It was a marvelous weekend at a lovely venue with great people plus airplanes. What’s not to like.

Here are some photos.

Mark your calendars for next year September 07 - 10, 2023.

Blue Skies
Dave and Carol-Anne Fisher
LA4-200 C-GENS





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